October 28, 2016
JQ Dickinson Salt Works - Malden, WV

"You all can call those ham, but I call them little bites of magic."

The Central Collective - Knoxville, TN
"Spanish sausage? I don't think that's Appalachian."

April 28, 2017
West Virginia Botanic Garden - Morgantown, WV

"You can eat the nettles and they won't hurt you, right?"

May __ 2017
The Central Collective - Knoxville, TN

"I bet some people were probably scared of all these ramps at first."

May __ 2017
Elk River Inn - Slaty Fork, WV

"It's funny, these days, no one knows that's what a real pork chop looks like."

July 17, 2017
Rising Creek - Mount Morris, PA

"Momaw would have been proud of the Middle Run Picnic."

August 9, 2017
JQ Dickinson Salt Works - Malden, WV
"Here I thought I didn't like tomato aspic."

August 26, 2017
Hudson Farms - Charleston, WV

"How do you even make fried chicken like that?"

October 5, 2017
Mess Hall - Washington, DC

"What exactly is a pawpaw?"

November ___, 2017
Hawk Knob Cidery - Lewisburg, WV

"Tell me more about these communion wafers."

December 4, 2017
The Wild Ramp - Huntington, WV

"My mom's baccala sat in the bath tub for days"