DC - 10/5/17

Mess Hall - Washington, D.C. 
October 5, 2017


Rabbit and wild pear hand pie || pork fat pastry || smoky hickory bark syrup

Woodland mushroom pate || wild herb mayonaise || salt rising toast

Variety of garden pickles

Spanish potato tortilla with WV-style longaniza sausage || goat crema


Wood roasted sweet corn chowder || shaved country ham  || chickweed pepper jelly 

Heirloom tomato aspic || salad of baby buckwheat and field pea greens ||  pickled dandelion vinaigrette || burnt and broken communion wafers 

 Buttermilk poached salt trout || hard cider braised nettles || Bloody Butcher grits with red spruce butter || crispy trout cracklins 

Chicken fried venison meatloaf || green tomato gravy || whipped turnips with roasted ramps || Williams River pole bean leather britches 

Old fashion vinegar pie || salty paw paw ice cream || creek mint syrup || candied flowers from the field