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Terra Alta, WV - Riffle Farms

Chefs Mike Costello and Amy Dawson, Appalachia culinary masters from Lost Creek Farm, will feature Riffle Farms bison meat and other local growers throughout dinner courses. Other highlights will be Live Music by LoganTown, beverage vendor Swilled Dog, silent auction, and hayride from parking up to event barn. All proceeds from the silent auction and five percent of ticket prices will be donated to the WV Women in Agriculture organization. The bison herd will be pastured next to the event barn that evening, with only a gate between your table and these amazing beasts! Come check out the animals, eat, mingle, and support! Please note: Parking will be off site at the small Methodist church on Saltlick Rd, just below The Farm's driveway. A hayride will pick up guests every 20 mins starting at 4:40pm until 5:20pm and drop guests back off from 7:40pm until 8:20pm. There is very limited parking at the event barn. Please leave a comment in the notes section if you will need to be parked at the event barn (handicapped, bringing items for auction, must leave early, etc.).

For tickets, visit the Riffle Farms event site!