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"It's true that almost everything Mike and Amy hand you on a plate has a story with it, and that story is always rich, and often surprising about our region. But what's first, last, and in the middle most important about their food is the fact that it is all just so unbelievably good."
Ronni Lundy, author of Victuals: An Appalachian Journey

Lost Creek Farm is not a restaurant, at least in the traditional sense. But from time to time, in cities like Morgantown, Charleston, Knoxville, and Washington, D.C, it can sometimes feel like it, even if just for a night.   

Our unique traveling kitchen, can be spotted at special popup dinner events around West Virginia and the east coast, where we share our unique take on regional cuisine, sharing diverse flavors and rich stories about the people and culture behind Appalachia's foodways.  

Defined by seasonal availability of fresh ingredients and a strong sense of place-based pride, our menus vary considerably from event to event. We team up with area farmers to provide quality pastured meats, trout from pristine mountain waters, and a variety of storied heirloom vegetables -- Mortgage Lifter tomatoes, Bloody Butcher corn, Fat Horse pole beans, and Candy Roaster squash, to name a few -- often from our own garden. 

In 2018 we'll be returning to some of our favorite venues, as well as new locations in several states. Visit the calendar to find a Lost Creek Farm event near you, or contact us directly to explore the possibility of bringing our traveling kitchen to your community.  

Our region's food heritage is built upon traditions being handed down. Mike and Amy are committed to sharing Appalachia's culinary heritage, and have taught workshops on food traditions, from pork sausage and pickles to vinegar pie and salt-rising bread. Whether for a private party of several to a public class of several dozen, consider learning about regional food traditions from Lost Creek Farm's heritage kitchen. Contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.     

In addition to cooking for popup dinner events for the public, the Lost Creek Farm kitchen caters private events, from intimate in-home dinners for two to banquets for 200. Contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.